The Best Boho Hair Accessories & How to Wear Them.

So, after many, many requests I have finally decided to start a little blog (deep breath)!

And where better place to start that than exploring the beautiful world of bohemian styling...


Boho has been a huge trend the past 5 years in bridal and has inspired some truly stunning bridal designers such as Made with Love, Grace Loves Lace, Rue de Seine and Claire Pettibone to name a few. If you don’t already follow these amazing creatives on Insta, I urge you to for some serious boho-chic inspo!


Image - Rue de Seine 


So, what actually is 'boho style' and how do I wear it?

Basically, its somewhere between a creative artist living in Paris and a free-spirited traveller wading through the ocean bare foot or picking wild flowers in Provence.

Easy right? Well, yes and no!

The Bohemian style is all about romance, expression and texture – anything goes as long as its relaxed and effortless. The vibe is both feminine and playful but most of all its nothing too polished. Think textured wavy beach hair, celestial elements, embroidered flowers and modern laser cut lace, tassels, beading and layers of angel weight fabric in a simple free-flowing silhouette. 


 Image - Grace Loves Lace

Image - Made with Love


Yep, I’m a boho bride – so what about accessories?

There are lots of beautiful accessories that work so well with this look. When advising my brides, I always try to show them how to experiment with shapes and styles that will pick out details from their dress so that the overall look flows beautifully. But this definitely doesn’t mean going all matchy matchy (erm hello 90’s bride?). Actually, the pieces that work best offer a beautiful contrast to your gown in silhouette.

For example, if you have a really sleek, simple gown shape why not go for a statement crown to add drama and height, or if your dress has a daring low cut back, hair vines or pins can look amazing. Does your gown have sleeves and a hairpiece is all feeling too much for you? Then a pair of stunning statement earrings are for you (check out our statement earrings here).



Ophelia Crown - as featured in Rock My Wedding.


Real flower crowns have had their day …so please avoid if you want to look really modern and now (disclaimer on a tropical beach I would let you off!). But I love to add deconstructed fresh flowers or herbs (rosemary and olive leaf work well) pinned into a hair to bring that natural element into the look, and then add some celestial pins to bring in a touch of sparkle.


Andromeda Star & Moon Pins - from £35


Ok...don’t panic if you are reading this and feeling a little overwhelmed! Below are a few of my favourite bohemian pieces that look gorgeous with this style. Just remember to go for it and experiment because a true boho bride is all about being free-spirited and creative.


Hair Vines:


Versatile and lightweight all the below can be worn as a traditional hairband or pinned into the back of your hair as vines. Perfect for the bride who feels a full crown is not for her! All the pieces below are super comfortable and come with ribbons and loop holes so you can pin them in to any hairstyle.


 Honeysuckle Vine - £145             

Cherryblossom Vine - £125


Statement Crowns:


When your gown needs some added wow-factor - go for an ethereal statement crown. They work so well with both simple silhouettes and soft tulle skirts.

And lets be honest here... when else are you ever going to get to get away with wearing a crown? So embrace your inner GOT Queen and go for it...


Olivia Crown - £155 

  Charlotte Crown - £195

Titania Crown - £225 

Cleo Starburst Crown - £250  


Ophelia Crown - £185


Crystalised Barley Crown - £165


Celestial Pieces:


When flowers just aren’t your thing, reach for stars! Nothing looks more beautiful then adding some very ‘now’ celestial pieces. You can see our full collection 'Love you to the moon & back' here.

 Skylar Crown - £275 

Lyra Earrings - £60

 Aquila Crown - £155 -   


Vega Earrings - £50

Estella Crown - £165

So there you go, some of my favourite pieces!

And don't forget if you are really stuck and just don't have any clue what will work with your dress, you can always send me an email on or drop me a message and I would be really happy to give you some personal style advice!

Victoria xx